Guild Wars 2 36 hours left to sign up for Secret Toymaker 2019! (2024)

36 hours left to sign up for Secret Toymaker 2019!

Posted: 02 Jan 2020 04:00 AM PST

Didn't know we had Einstein in our squad

Posted: 01 Jan 2020 01:09 PM PST

EU New Year Bounty Train (All Bosses)

Posted: 01 Jan 2020 11:17 AM PST

Happy New Year everyone!

Next week [DPS] will be hosting a Public Bounty Train on EU, covering all Maps and all Bosses from Path of Fire and Season 4! If you still need that one Boss that you never find a group for this is your chance :D

Each Map should take 2-3 hours to complete, depending on how long we have to wait for certain Bounties to respawn or how lucky we are with Ambushes. If we still have a lot of time left when we are done we can redo some Bosses that people missed.

To join, simply type
/sqjoin Fat Cat with Hat.9781
or check the LFG Section

Path of Fire Bounties:

Monday 6th of January, 22:00h CET: Crystal Oasis (15 Champions + 3 Legendaries)

Tuesday 7th of January, 22:00h CET: Desert Highlands (15 Champions + 3 Legendaries)

Wednesday 8th of January, 22:00h CET: Elon Riverlands (10 Champions + 2 Legendaries)

Thursday 9th of January, 22:00h CET: The Desolation (15 Champions + 3 Legendaries)

Friday 10th of January, 22:00h CET: Domain of Vabbi Part 1: Vehjin Palace + Seborhin (10 Champions + 2 Legendaries)

Saturday 11th of January, 22:00h CET: Domain of Vabbi Part 2: Necropolis + Vehtendi Academy (10 Champions + 2 Legendaries)

Living World Season 4 Bounties:

Monday 13th of January, 22:00h CET: Domain of Istan (4 Champions + 1 Legendary) (Ambush possible); Domain of Kourna (4 Champions + 1 Legendary) (no Achievments); Jahai Bluffs (3 Champions + Legendary)

Tuesday 14h of January, 22:00h CET: Sandswept Isles (10 Champions + 2 Legendaries) (Ambush possible)

If you have never done Bounties before don't be afraid, it is really easy. However there are some ways to make it easier and faster for everyone.
- Please join with a Character that has the Waypoints of the Map we will be doing unlocked already (or join my Subgroup and use your Teleport to Friend if you are super lazy).
- Springer on Tier 3 is needed to reach some Spawn Points, but im sure we will have some Portals available.
- Please don't pick the Bounties from the board yourself, just let the Commander do it and follow him (so we don't spawn Bosses too early), you will always get the reward aslong as you hit the Boss.
- Crowd Control (CC) is helpful on every Boss, use it when there is a Blue Bar below the HP bar ( )
- There will be random effects on each Boss (Unstable Magic Abilities), 2 on a Champion and 3 on a Legendary. Make sure to hover your Cursor over the Tooltips of the Boss Effects. Having a Ranged Weapon is really helpful for the „Phase-Shifted"-Effect.
- Wear Mandalorian Armor for increased rewards!

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It looks like an enraged Quaggan mount.

Posted: 02 Jan 2020 07:03 AM PST

Graphics mods / Performance increase

Posted: 02 Jan 2020 05:16 AM PST

Hello everyone!

Let me start of with saying that I love GW2 and I've played it for quite a while but the performance/blurry graphics has always borthered me so I wanted to ask here for advice.

Are there any mods or something similar that increase the performance/FPS of the game or removing things like blurr/bloom/Depth of field etc.

If I could constantly run this game at 60fps+ everywhere (maybe not big WvW battles) I would play nothing else lol.

My specs are: (I have the latest drivers etc)

GTX 1080

i7 9700k


2560x1440 144hz screen

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Guild Wars 2's TOP 10 Music of 2019

Posted: 02 Jan 2020 01:10 AM PST

Why did Destiny's Edge get replaced? (Spoilers for LS2 and HoT)

Posted: 01 Jan 2020 01:25 PM PST

In the vanilla Guild Wars 2 story, it seemed as if Destiny's Edge was being built up to be your long-term allies of a sort. In other words, what Dragon's Watch is to you now. However, after several patches of Living World and Heart of Thorns, each of the characters (minus Rytlock) were placed out of focus for one reason or another in favor of Dragon's Watch. For example, Logan gets a desk job as Pact Marshal, Caithe is constantly hanging around Tarir, Eir is dead, etc.

Was there a behind the scenes reason for this? Or were they only meant to get together again for the purpose of defeating Zhaitan from the very beginning?

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Frostfire Outfit All Races and Genders Showcase

Posted: 02 Jan 2020 04:07 AM PST

I made a dumb post about the frostfire outfit and hair color, but there is a problem...

Posted: 01 Jan 2020 01:54 PM PST

So my wife bought the Frostfire outfit and was unable to dye the flame effects, she did however notice that the flame effects changed based on character hair color. This problem only seems to exist on her computer. This is what she sees when she is playing on her computer. Note the blue flames on the right.

When I view her in game this is what she looks like. Its also what she looks like when I log into her account from my computer. There are pink flames, which is what she dyed them.

I cannot figure out whey she had a problem seeing the correct colors of the effects on her computer. Even though she has a lower end computer, I was still able to adjust her graphics settings to match mine to confirm that wasn't it. I also cleared her cache, but the problem remains.

Anyone have any idea what could have caused this?

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How GW2 Ruined MMOs For Me

Posted: 02 Jan 2020 07:27 AM PST


So there are 2 games that I play that completely ruined their respective genres for me. Those games are Guild Wars 2 and Planetside 2. Lately I find myself unable to search for an MMO RPG or MMO FPS and not find it distasteful because its not GW2 or PS2. MMO RPGs don't have the same diversity as GW2, and any shooter I find that presents itself as an"MMO FPS" causes me to straight up vomit (Looking at games like Battlefield specifically). From time to time I manage to play BDO. Game has decent mechanics, excellent graphics and a terribly confusing story, but I do it mostly play it for exploration.

GW2 had absolutely the most unique designs and has probably the most dynamic combat system of any MMO that I played. Skills, sets, builds, gears, classes and their elite specs. I am a guy that plays GW2 for good 3 and a half years, is gradually getting into raids and finds the story decently structured, bridged and narrated. Problem is: I love it too much. So much that my daily play pattern becomes too repetitive. My guild is dead because the friends who invited me simply stopped playing, and I am stuck in GW2 along with a handful of other games. No MMO RPG is simply appealing to me, and all I am left with is little faith that some of the upcoming MMOs like New World or Magic Legends will deliver an exciting replacement.

If not, well then I officially have a bad habit of playing poorly marketed games. GW2 although being well alive is slowly entering a stagnating period I know all too well from Planetside 2. For those who know that game you probably know in what state its currently in. It released in 2012 and had the potential to become the world's best FPS game if not for studio policy, microtransactions and the shifting of resources. Now its a husk that is almost entering maintenance mode. I know some will call me out for comparing a MMO shooter with an MMO RPG but the genre is not the point. Its studio bureaucracy. I am seeing the same thing happening to GW2 but at a slower pace. Yes, content releases are still about and around, and yes, it has a dedicated playerbase, but the question long can ANET maintain it? Money is being milked from Gemstore instead from the content itself, meaning content will be sidelined as it doesn't create any profit for the studio.

The conclusion I am drawing: The games that ruined most other games for me are also ruining themselves, and that is something that saddens me these days.

  • Happy New Year and kind regards

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WvW Condi Renegade Outnumbered Montage

Posted: 02 Jan 2020 03:01 AM PST

Looking for the All HOPE Pistol Thief raid video that was released a few years back.

Posted: 02 Jan 2020 12:37 AM PST

It was a contest posted by (probably a now former) dev. However I can't seem to find it anywhere on reddit or on youtube using various searches. The contest was inspired by this video.

Although I can't seem to find much on it looking for things like "All HOPE Pistol Thief Raid" or "All Thief Raid" or anything of that nature.

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Made a warrior. Recommendations?

Posted: 02 Jan 2020 01:07 AM PST

I've created a Norn warrior (imagine that) and am currently progressing thru the main story. I've unlocked both berserker and spell breaker (currently running spell breaker with GS/axe&shield). I'm enjoying this character so much it might surpass my condi rev as my main. I've been told that hammer/axe&shield is a great build for wvw in regards to spell breaker. But that axe&sheild/dual maces are better for pve for the CC ability of the maces. My gear is set up for spell breaker I believe with 4 marauder and 2 berserker pieces. I'm not at my pc at the moment or I'd be more specific, but I do know I spent the majority of the money putting the stats on the gear to support the build I was given. It works well but I think it was intended for wvw mostly. I'm curious if I'm at a disadvantage with pve content without a different weapon set. Also I'm wanting a berserker setup I can swap to, so where should I start on that! Thanks in advance for any help provided :)

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GW2 Forum Moderators deleting topics

Posted: 01 Jan 2020 07:57 PM PST

So, i was into a discussion in the GW2 Forum on a topic and I got around 20 thumbs up.

It was created by a guy who claimed that GW2 had only 30k active players and I proved with some clear facts that we are A LOT more than that.

Basically you just had to check GW2 Efficiency and the Extra Live Achievement was obtained by 100k people. That per se tells you that it's impossible that GW2 only has 30k active players, because that achievement was only obtainable in a short period of time that was activated for people who made a log in.

Plus, on top of that, the nº of players that have their accounts connected to GW2efficiency is a clear minority, so if 100k (about 50% of people registered there) have that achievement, in GW2 the real number of players that logged in that week and have that title must be very higher than that.

The topic was very alive, and then a moderator came and deleted everything. What the f*ck is that?

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Guild Wars 2 36 hours left to sign up for Secret Toymaker 2019! (2024)


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