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Terrormancer2 years ago Core terrormancer is a tanky alternative to other dps necromancer builds. Terrormancer offers great team utility and damage along with an enormous 31k HP pool from Carrion Amulet and a second health bar from Death Shroud . is a special condition that makes opponents flee away from you, and this build is built around spamming it as much as possible. Terrormancer relies on chaining and combining it with Terror to deal high damage while keeping opponents cc locked. Terrormancer also has high amounts of and and decent passive power damage. As a condition necromancer, one of your most powerful tools is access to boon corruption. Feast of Corruption and Path of Corruption convert opponent’s boons into conditions and are powerful passive damage in teamfights. Save boon corrupts and strips to remove important boons like or . Your Death Shroud applies… Condition Virtuoso2 years ago Condition Virtuoso is a relatively easy DPS build that deals consistent damage from range and cleaves enemies with its piercing attacks. Additionally, Virtuoso has a good amount of built-in defensive utility thanks to Jagged Mind, Illusionary Riposte, and Bladesong Distortion. Stock up Blades by applying to enemies thanks to Jagged Mind and Bloodsong. Once 5 Blades are ready, alternate between using Bladesong Sorrow, Bladeturn Requiem and Bladesong Harmony. Use Phantasmal Swordsman at the start of your Sword loop, then use it again before swapping to Focus to use Phantasmal Warden. Reset the cooldown of Phantasmal Warden with Signet of the Ether to summon more Phantasms for a DPS increase. Space your Shatters to keep Deadly Blades up at all times. Always prioritize Bladesong Harmony, Bladesong Sorrow and Bladeturn Requiem , Then use Signet of Illusions to reset the cooldown of… Sidenode Virtuoso2 years ago Virtuoso is a sidenoder heavily based on projectiles. As mesmer it has access to a potentially game-breaking elite: Signet of Humility. Virtuoso doesn’t have clones, instead, it stores up to 5 blades. Every core Mesmer skill that would usually give you a clone now gives you a blade, you also have access to Psychic Riposte, which is your main way to build up blades. Blocking not only stocks up 3 blades but gives you via Duelist's Reversal, which creates very interesting counterplays. Your main sources of damage are your Shatters (Bladesongs) Bladesong Sorrow and Bladesong Harmony, which you’ll want to use with a high amount of Blades to deal as much damage as possible. When you can’t use Bladesongs, cycle through your weapon skills. On Scepter, you should spam Illusionary Counter, if you won’t proc the block effect of it,… Power Bladesworn2 years ago Power Bladesworn is a high burst DPS build with large amounts of cleave for dealing with adds and excels in short phases. The build requires good knowledge of positioning in encounters because you cannot move during Dragon Trigger. Power Bladesworn builds Flow by being in combat and using Flow Stabilizer, which is used to enter Dragon Trigger. DT then converts Flow into charges. Once you gain 10 charges, use Dragon Slash—Force. Using any ammo skills increases damage for the next Dragon Trigger due to the trait Fierce as Fire. The build gains a massive damage increase from Overcharged Cartridges. This utility buffs the damage of Dragon Slash—Force, Dragon's Roar, and Gunsaber skills. Overcharged Cartridges should always be activated before using Dragon's Roar and entering Dragon Trigger. Use Flicker Step during Dragon Trigger to activate the buff from Relic[s] of Peitha… Healbreaker2 years ago Healbreaker is a variation of support warrior that combines instantcast healing from Vigorous Shouts with the utility of the Spellbreaker profession. Healbreaker is overshadowed by Support Chrono and Support Guardianin the current meta, but it provides unique advantages and buffs that can make it situationally useful. Your main source of healing comes from Vigorous Shouts , which is an instant heal on each shout use. Healbreaker has access to four shouts – "For Great Justice!" , "On My Mark!" , and "Shake It Off!" are all instant cast, while "To the Limit!" has a cast time. Staff gives you access to great healing and cleanse: Valiant Leap, Line Breaker, Defiant Roar, and Path to Victory all grant healing and boons to allies. In teamfights, you can engage with Valiant Leap and Path to Victory, reset it with Full Counter, and… Curses Harbinger2 years ago Curses Harbinger is a powerful teamfight build centered around boon corruption and massive conditions damage and coverage. Harbinger fills a damage role in a team and pairs well with a support guard or tempest as it can be vulnerable to getting focused. The majority of your damage comes from Dark Barrage and your auto attack Tainted Bolts in Harbinger shroud. Always make sure you are auto attacking in shroud to get maximum value from your quickness uptime and the damage output. Having high can improve your skills. Devouring Cut will cost you 5 blight for 5 and extra damage. Same for Voracious Arc but for a cost of 10 . Elixir of Ambition is a press to win button, it gives you every boon of the game and applies every condi to each enemy you hit. You want to, hit… Condition Specter2 years ago Condition Specter is a safe roaming build that has the luxury of also being able to duel a lot of classes, so you could call it a very mobile sidenoder. Specter is slow and less stealthy compared to other thief variants. Infiltrator's Strike will help you move from fight to fight, but it won’t help if you try to go for a decap. Most of your mobility comes from wells and Shadowstep, which is also your only stunbreak, therefore try to use it with care. This build is really straightforward when it comes to dealing damage. Most of it comes from and . Measured Shot->Endless Night is your hardest-hitting ability. It has high base power damage and really good condition application, you want to spam it to get the most damage done possible. Siphon also brings good pressure, applying and… Support Tempest2 years ago Tempests can provide good support with good condition removal, passive healing, and solid burst healing. It also brings some unique utility via auras that buff allies, both defensively and offensively, this build truly shines in GvG and smaller scale encounters! This build allows you to be the main source of healing and cleansing in your party by transmuting auras and using shouts. This build has strong passive and burst healing from multiple sources, for exampleTransmute Frost, "Wash the Pain Away!", Water Attunement, and Overload Water, as well as from granting allies auras, via Elemental Bastion. Additional cleanse is provided by using weapon skills, transmuting auras via Smothering Auras, and using shouts. This build has huge trait synergy withauras. Applying an aura to an ally will heal them through Elemental Bastion, and grant them and via Invigorating Torrents The aura transmute… Strength Bladesworn2 years ago Strength Bladesworn is a tanky duelist that take advantage of Combat Stimulant and Might Makes Right combined with might generation to generate extreme amounts of self healing to survive. Bladesworn replaces adrenaline with Flow, a new mechanic that you use to charge Dragon Trigger. You can generate Flow with any adrenaline-granting traits or by healing with River's Flow . Maintaining positive flow lets you keep constant pressure on your opponents. Use Dragon Slash—Force if close enough to the target and Dragon Slash—Boost if you need to catch up. You can use Triggerguard and Flicker Step to cover the charge. Dragon Slash—Reach is almost never used due to its small hitbox making it hard to hit from range and worse than the 2 others in melee. Bladesworn’s other new mechanic is Unsheathe Gunsaber. Unsheathe Gunsaber is a kit weapon that you’re… Power Willbender2 years ago Power Willbender is a roamer that excels at skirmishing, outnumbering, sticking to and bursting targets given its high mobility and damage and has excellent tools to stay alive. Our main role is to generate as many kills as possible in teamfights and outnumbers. With willbender our virtues are now all movement skills, making us very mobile. Use your virtues procs and high damage to run down enemies that cannot afford to trade blows with you. Use Flowing Resolve to evade attacks. Use Judge's Intervention right next to a moment you’re going to unleash a lot of damage like Whirling Wrath, Whirling Light or Executioner's Calling‘s second attack. Use Whirling Wrath inside the hitbox of an enemy to deal extra damage. Use multi hit skills like Whirling Wrath, Whirling Light or Executioner's Calling and symbols to proc Flowing Resolve and Crashing… Mercy Deadeye2 years ago Power Deadeye is a strong roamer that takes advantage of Shadow Gust and Be Quick or Be Killed to lock down and eliminate targets quickly. Deadeye benefits from the baked in mobility of any thief spec, however is is vulnerable to focus and gets countered by projectile block from builds like Tempest or Catalyst. As a roamer, Deadeye focuses on moving around the map and quickly getting kills. In order to do this, you need to lock down and eliminate your target as quickly as possible. Deadeye relies on a mechanic called malice to do damage. Whenever you mark a target, hitting them with an ability will generate stacks of malice. At maximum malice, your stolen skills will give you and Malicious Death's Judgment will do 75% more damage. Try to build malice as quickly as possible after marking a… Firebrand2 years ago In your squad, Firebrands play a vital role as they embody the traditional guardian virtues using powerful tomes. They serve as the backbone of the party, bolstering allies to keep them moving via sources of damage mitigation skills and boons. Additionally, they support their comrades with mantras that offer healing, stun breaks, and powerful boons. While this build is forgiving to learn because of its survivability, mastering it can be quite challenging. The Firebrand build excels as a boon support with both defensive and offensive capabilities. While it offers moderate healing, its true strength lies in burst cleansing, stun breaking for allies, and providing a substantial number of boons. Notably, the Firebrand’s Virtues are transformed into Tomes, replacing your weapon abilities with potent offensive or defensive skills when activated. Not every skill within each book is worth using due to… Condition Alacrity Renegade2 years ago Condition Alacrity Renegade is a long-standing popular build that can provide permanent to the party while also having high condi DPS and good crowd control abilities. The build is also capable of providing some to the party for a slight damage loss by utilizing Heroic Command and the blast finishers from Echoing Eruption on top of the fire field from Searing Fissure. The build also has access to important utility skills such as Breakrazor's Bastion for some group heals and Banish Enchantment for boon removal. You will provide through Orders from Above combined with Righteous Rebel. Upkeeping is as easy as pressing Orders from Above off-cooldown. The rotation is based on Charged Mists granting you 25 extra Energy when you swap stances. Always try to utilize this effect to maintain the overall rotation. More than other builds, Condi Alacrity Renegade… Power Quickness Scrapper2 years ago Power Quickness Scrapper (aka “Qrapper”) is not only a great source of and DPS, but it provides high utility and CC with skills such as Elite Mortar Kit, Thunderclap, Medic Gyro, and more. In addition, due to the trait Impact Savant, as long as you are doing damage to something you will almost NEVER die! Scrapper also has great access to and applies a large amount of . Power Quickness Scrapper generates quickness for your subgroup by blasting or leaping through combo fields! Your key combo finishers are Rocket Charge, Throw Mine and Function Gyro! Function Gyro creates and blasts its own combo field but for your other key abilities make sure to use them in a combo field or you won’t generate any quickness! Fortunately, there will usually be a large spam of combo fields during a squad encounter… Power Holosmith2 years ago Power Sword Holosmith offers high damage output, self sustain and high encounter adaptability through Heat management. Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit is the defining trait of this build. It increases the maximum Heat capacity to 150 which increases the damage modifier from Laser's Edge by 7.5% to 22.5%. It also drains Heat while not being engaged in Photon Forge. Your goal is to keep your Heat high (99-150%) while not Overheating. A huge advantage of Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit is the adaptability you gain through managing your Heat: being able to let your Heat drop to use Holographic Shockwave before a CC happens or resetting your burst during downtime. Cast your Toolbelt skills inside Photon Forge or use them off-cooldown if they are instant cast like Surprise Shot. Optimally you want to use Blade Burst above 100% Heat and if there… Heal Alacrity Mechanist2 years ago Heal Alacrity Mechanist is a defensive support that provides permanent , , , , , and 25 stacks of to a subgroup. This build provides sustained generation and good healing output. Use Energizing Slam off-cooldown to generate , , and for your group. Use Elixir Gun's Acid Bomb and Super Elixir, and Elite Mortar Kit's Elixir Shell off-cooldown to provide and healing. The Mech applies boons around itself: Control its positioning to be near the group at all times. Mech Boon Application: UseBarrier Burst off-cooldown for , , and . Use Barrier Signet off-cooldown to provide and . Make sure not to overlap Barrier Signetand Barrier Burst, or you will waste some alacrity application. Crisis Zone provides , , , . Unless you need it for extra , save this ability for certain situations when you need on-demand , ,… Condition Willbender2 years ago Condition Willbender is a damage build that focuses on applying to the enemies while being relatively simple to play due to the skill-priority-based rotation. It can provide decent CC through Heaven's Palm and can bring core guardian utility such as "Stand Your Ground!" or "Advance!"as needed. Your main damage source will be your auto attacks with constant Rushing Justice upkeep. You absolutely need to use Rushing Justice off cooldown and prioritize it over any other skill. Don’t get too used to the cooldown of it, as it can be reduced with Renewed Justice. Dealing damage with Condition Willbender revolves around rapidly using all the different damaging abilities at hand: Weapon Skills, Virtues, Purging Flames, Whirling Light. Heaven's Palm Skills Heaven's Palm can be replaced by "Feel My Wrath!" if in desperate need of more Signet of Wrath can optionally be… Power Vindicator2 years ago Vindicator’s Invocation variant is the go-to Revenant damage build. It’s a conventional roamer and can easily outnumber fights and also enjoys being in team-fights. It uses full DPS trait lines for maximum burst but less sustain. Your goal is to generate as many kills as possible. You want to be where the action is and burst vulnerable targets with your team. With Vindicator, your dodge now deals significant damage and gives you a damage increase via Forerunner of Death. You also get access to excellent sustain skills in Legendary Alliance Stance, such as Tree Song Selfless Spirit and Selfish Spirit. This means you have quite a lot of damage uptime and resustainability. Use it to stick to keep the pressure up on key targets. Your mobile nature allows you to get to a side node to outnumber a 1v1 if… Support Guardian2 years ago Build offers good sustain for allies and self with lots of application and good revive capabilities, while having decent mobility. Your main role as a support is to heal, sustain and revive your allies, either in team fights or when a sidenoder is under pressure. During fights, avoid standing in the center of the fight or on the node, as you are rather squishy. Try to stand at ~600 range and heal from a safe distance. Both your weapon sets offer a good amount of healing, Holy Strike and Empower in staff, and Shield of Absorption > Shield of Absorption on the shield can be used to heal, but all of those can have more situational uses (Holy Strike is blast finisher, Empower can be used to stack while helping maintain pressure, and finally Shield of Absorption can push the… Fire Weaver2 years ago This bruiser build offers a good balance of sustain vs damage. Gameplay of fire weaver revolves around fire traitline which offers some sustain from condition cleanse and good damage increase through burning applications and extra power stat. Every time you get a you cleanse conditions on yourself. This applies to any source of Fire Aura, like Fire Shield or attuning to Fire Attunement. Your healing mainly comes from using blast finishers in your water field from Riptide and dodging in Water Attunement or Earth Attunement thanks to Evasive Arcana (dodging in Water Attunement will also cleanse a condition). There are many different ways to blast your water field but the main way is to: Start in Water Attunement/Earth Attunement Riptide Magnetic Wave Swap to Earth Attunement Earthen Vortex You can also use a leap out of a Water field (Flame…
June 2024 Builds -  - Page 4Hardstuck (2024)


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