Virtual Atelier - Cyberpunk 2077 Mod (2024)

Virtual Atelier

A framework for other modders, that allows them to add virtual stores in-game for their modded clothes items. Also allows the players to preview clothing items on their characters before purchasing in stores, & preview in-game items models in their inventory.

Virtual Atelier does a few things:
1. Allows other modders to add in-game stores, specific for their modded items
CLARIFICATION, as I’ve been repeatedly asked about this:
— This mod does not allow modders to add new items, change items, update items, {whatever} items
— This is simply a way for modders to add a virtual shop, where players can easily see the modded items preview
2. Allows players to preview garment on their player while shopping, before purchase
3. Adds a preview functionality for some items in player’s Backpack

The preview functionality is based on a leftover functionality, which probably wasn’t finished & left disconnected in current game’s version (1.31).

Virtual Atelier Shops:
– Download a virtual store mod (or create one [see “USAGE (FOR MODDERS)”])
– Put it in your `r6/scripts` folder, as any other mod
– Open V’s computer in his apartment & enjoy

[I’ve added an example shop with all clothing items in-game in files]

Vendor Shops Preview:
– Press “P” inside any vendor shop, to open a preview window with your character’s puppet.
– Click on any of the clothing items, and see how they’ll look on your character right away.
– Zoom in, rotate your character, move the puppet over the screen for better preview angles (follow the button hints at the bottom of the screen)

Backpack Preview:
– Hover over an item inside your Backpack, and press “P” to toggle its preview widget.

You can preview various Consumables, Weapons & some random stuff. Leaving to you to figure out what’s previewable, as I didn’t go over all of the existing items.

– Just delete Cyberpunk 2077\r6\scripts\virtual-atelier folder as well as all Atelier shops which you have installed

Hello, modder! If you want to add a custom shop, dedicated specifically for your mod, follow these steps:

1. Go over to the Atelier Store Generator app:

Virtual Atelier - Cyberpunk 2077 Mod (12)

2. Fill-in all of the required fields
3. Click “Generate”
4. Put the downloaded file in r6/scripts
5. Visit you virtual shop in-game

Virtual Atelier - Cyberpunk 2077 Mod (13)

Virtual Atelier - Cyberpunk 2077 Mod (14)

Virtual Atelier - Cyberpunk 2077 Mod (15)

– If the price of an item is set to 0, the proper price of the item will be caluculated to closely match the price in game. This means that weapons and clothing scale based on player level, quality, and if it’s iconic. For weapons and clothing, these prices are slightly cheaper than in game. Other items scale by quality or not at all, so these prices should be identical. Had to revert the itemData object to the old way to consistantly get the base price.
– If the Price entry in the store’s config file is missing entries, it will pad the remaining items with the price of 0.
– If the Price entry in the store’s config file has only one value, it will pad any other items with this value.
– Added player level scaling for perk shards price calculation, if the price is 0 in the store’s config file. Perks are harder to get in late game, so they should cost more.

– If there is no Quality entry in the store’s config file, it would make all entries Rare quality.
– It still does this, but now if you add only one entry, it will copy this to all items.

1. Does the mods come with any virtual stores pre-installed?
– No, but I did add an example shop with all available clothing items in-game.

2. I generated a custom store, but it doesn’t work
– Check that:
1. Your store ID must be unique, and contain only string characters (no “,[]-_ /*…”)
2. Provided atlas resource path exists in game’s files
3. Provided texture part exists in atlas above

3. I downloaded a custom store from some other modder, and now the game crashes
– Please take it first with the modder who created the store

4. My “Atelier” tab is empty! Where are the stores?
– This mod does not contain any virtual stores. Other modders can generate their own stores, which then will be visible with this mod.
You can download “The Dream Shop” example store from this mod’s Optional Files category

5. Some items are empty when I try to preview their model in my Backpack
– Not all items have previewable models. Nothing I can do.

6. Some items icons are empty in the example “The Dream Shop” store
– It’s a random list of all clothing items I found. There’s >1K items, so some of them not gonna have icons.

7. How do I transfer an item from a virtual Atelier store to my inventory?
– Press “P” for purchase, while hovering over the item

Virtual Atelier - Cyberpunk 2077 Mod (2024)


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