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Software for creating deep fakes

A group of 11 editors are the creators behind DeepFaceLab. It’s a free and open-source software to create deepfake videos available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. TensorFlow powers the software, which also requires Nvidia CUDA and DirectX 12.

You use DeepFaceLab to create deepfake videos. Deepfake creators use deep learning AI so that people can use deepfake for humour and satire. You’ll need to be skilled in using AfterEffects or Davinci Resolve to make deepfake videos.

Download and install

Check for and download the correct build of DeepFaceLab that’s compatible with your graphics processing unit (GPU). If you don’t have a GPU, select the CLSSE build. Download any of the available face sets in a folder to create your first deepfake video. Or make your own from videos and images you have on your PC. Double-click the executable file to install the software. It will create a workspace folder where all the action happens.

Software features

DeepFaceLab lets you replace faces or an entire head. You can also use it to make a face look younger or manipulate people’s lips. To properly use this program, you will need to know how to use AfterEffects and Davinci Resolve. Since creating deepfakes requires technical skills, there are no default settings for you to use. You’ll need to establish a workflow that works for you and use your established skills.

Deepfake uses

People can use deepfakes in many ways, some harmful. High-quality deepfakes are specifically created for movies and gaming purposes. People can use them to spread false information and news by making it look like a well-known person appears in a certain video. Ordinary users create humorous deepfakes for fun.

A recent trend is creating deepfakes as only audio. Although someone can impersonate a person’s voice and commit fraud, it has good uses too. Medical professionals can use it for voice replacement, while game developers can create a real-time speech for game characters.

As the technology improves, deepfakes are becoming more realistic. Soon, we’ll need specific platforms and software to detect them.

Challenging app for beginners

DeepFaceLab is free for Windows users. But this isn’t a simple process, and you’ll need specific skills to even be able to use the program. Beginners will face a steep learning curve when trying to develop realistic deepfake videos. This program is recommended only to those who are technologically skilled and those willing to learn.



DeepFaceLab 384.92.72.22 for Windows
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7
Latest update:
Saturday, June 19th 2021

Download DeepFaceLab 384.92.72.22 for Windows (4)

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Download DeepFaceLab 384.92.72.22 for Windows (2024)


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