Best Deepfake apps, software and websites (2024)

Deekfake videos are one of the most controversial topics at this point in time. On one hand, it’s cool to use AI to create some fun, but on the other, it can be used to ridicule someone or create disinformation attacks or fake celebrity videos! In this article, we are going to see some free-to-use Deepfake apps and websites that will blow your mind.

What is Deepfake?

Deepfake, as the name suggests, is a technology that lets you create fake videos and audios using AI or Artificial Intelligence. Even though DeepFakes is not really accurate, in the near future, there is a possibility that they will start producing realistic results. That is why it is important to use it responsibly. Hereinafter, we have mentioned some free Deepfake apps and websites that you can try to see what the hype is all about

Best Deepfake app and websites

Here is a list of some of the best Deepfake apps and websites that you can use to create fake videos and audio:

  1. DALL-E Mini
  2. DeepFaceLab
  3. Face Swap
  4. Fake you
  5. Instagram DeepFake Bot

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] DALL-E Mini

Best Deepfake apps, software and websites (1)

Let’s start with a tool that creates goofy deepfakes. DALL-E Mini is a great tool that allows you to create images using text. It has an AI technology inspired by OpenAI’s DALL-E, which takes your input in text format and uses its intelligence and the data stored to create a picture out of it.

All you have to do is visit and enter what you want to see, make it as goofy or specific as you want, and then click on Run. It will start creating your image afterward. This tool is completely free, but it requires your patience. You need to wait for 2-5 minutes when your image is being created.

There are some limitations and biases as well that you can see on the website itself. Just click on Bias and Limitationand read it yourself.

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2] DeepFaceLab

DeepFaceLab is a Windows program that is primarily built for research purposes. But hey! who said you can’t have fun with it. The app uses advanced Machine Learning algorithms and Human Image synthesis to swap a person’s face with someone else’s.

There are a few caveats that you should know before downloading this program. Since DeepFaceLab is made for research purposes, its UI is not very friendly. Also, because it’s using advanced learning, you need a good dedicated GPU to handle it, otherwise, the app might crash on your system. So, if you think this app is for you, get it from

3] FaceSwap

Best Deepfake apps, software and websites (2)

A web-based software, FaceSwap is pretty loved among users. It is very easy to swap faces via the software. It may sound dangerous but it is a reality now, there is an app that allows millions of people to swap faces using Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

To download the app, you need to visit Then, go to Windows Guide from Installation and follow the on-screen instructions to install this app.

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4] Fake you

Best Deepfake apps, software and websites (3)

Fake You is different from all the other apps on this list. It is a text-to-speech app and allows you to create fake calls and messages. This service can be used when you want to get out of some awkward situations, you know the one I am talking about. Just create a call using this tool and you will be good to go. If you want to use this tool, visit, select all the options as per your requirement using the drop-down menu and create fakes.

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5] Instagram DeepFake Bot

Instagram users can get their taste of deepfakes using the Instagram DeepFake Bot. You can edit your images with this tool as its edge detection is superb. To install this software, you need to visit

These were some of the best deepfake apps that you should immediately use.

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How to identify a Deepfake Photo or Video?

Poorly made deepfakes are usually easy to spot but some are very difficult! Some signs that point toward a deepfake are:

  • Unnatural eye movement or blinking
  • Misaligned body shape or parts
  • Robotic-sounding voices
  • Poor lip-syncing
  • Shadows that are placed wrongly.

Is there a deepfake website?

Yes, there are a lot of deepfake websites for different purposes. Now, you can not only create fake videos and images but they can also be used to create fake phone calls and messages. Not only websites but there are also some cool programs as well that we have mentioned here. So, go through the aforementioned guide and try some deepfakes.

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What software is used for deepfakes?

DeepFakes are created using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The developers essentially feed the app with a lot of information on various subjects usually in the form of images, but sometimes in the form of audio and texts as well. Now, when a user searches for something, it will take that text and search for the closest image, then use the source and its AI to create the desired output.

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Best Deepfake apps, software and websites (2024)


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