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  • August 5, 2022

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  • Might: 12 stacks - (using For Great Justice)

  • Power Damage

Synergy high
DPS high
Independence high
Acquiring basicseasy
Achieving masterydifficult


The archive contains builds that are not actively maintained any more! The information you find here might be outdated, irrelevant or even misleading.

The Banner Berserker is a strong build for Warrior in fractals. It has excellent defiance bar damage in and , the build also has medium burst and excellent sustained damage. Warrior can provide half of the necessary Might and Fury to the group by using . The Banner Berserker excels at fighting larger groups of mobs due to extreme cleave with greatswords -> -> combo.

Unfortunately, this builds requires a lot of Assassin pieces or other runes than due to receiving very little Precision from traits. This is also the reason why the Banner Berserker is one of the classes that benefit a lot from higher Agony Resistance.

Furthermore, the build is able to use damage modifying sigils like as well as slaying potions such as . As a Banner Berserker your focus is to maintain your unique party buffs and instantly contribute to breaking defiance bars, all while making DPS players sweat nervously when they glance at their DPS meter.

Before progressing to the advanced version of this page, we recommend acquiring an in-depth understanding of your CC skills and when to use them efficiently. You should be able to hit consistently high DPS, which you can verify with


. And finally, you should be able to execute the basic step-by-step rotation provided below without spending too much thought on it.

The advanced page provides a more complete overview of all the utilities the Warrior has to offer. If you ever feel like you are missing information feel free to already swap to the advanced page!

Although this build lists 162 Agony Resistance, it is not a strict requirement! We recommend getting started with this build anyway - even if it might be suboptimal while being in Tier 1 or 2 fractals. Keep upgrading your Agony Resistance until you reach the suggested variant. In the beginning, it is much more important to learn about fractal mechanics and your skills rather than equipping optimal gear.



  • Strength
  • Discipline
  • Berserker

Extra Weapons

Absolutely mandatory: a greatsword for mobility and cleave.

Situational Skills

| | || --------------------------------------------------------- | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --- || | Whenever you notice less than 25 stacks of Might on your buff bar. || | For double or the situational Berserker build. || | 332 CC and 4s extension. || | Can be used on Arkk if your Renegade is able to solo the CC bar. | |


How to deal damage:

  • Use as often as possible. Three crits are required to gain a single :

    1. and .

    2. and .

    3. .

  • Get three before pressing .

  • If the boss has a breakbar, make sure to use to proc , then swap to Axe/Axe.

Extra notes:

  • If your groups Might is not 25, take . It is a bigger DPS increase than !

  • If you expect your party to be slow it can make sense to bring and eat the initial Stun of .

  • Casting for is only a DPS gain if you can’t be hitting something else, use it right before the start of DPS phases but only use it during if you need the heal.

  • Entering grants three stacks of , while only grants one. You will find starting to run low when out of . Try to make sure you are in for burn phases while also not delaying where possible.

CC skills

332 damage
300 damage
300 damage
150 damage
100 damage
300 damage
300 damage
100 damage

When to take Mace:

  • In fights with only one defiance bar, in the beginning, use Axe/Mace.

  • In T4s and encounters that have defiance bars during the fight, use an offhand mace only.

Rotation / Skill usage


Golem rotations out of the raid builds are generally suboptimal in fractals due to Exposed and phases being much shorter compared to raids. The raid rotations are optimized for sustained DPS while in fractals a player needs the ability to adapt a rotation to the amount of time a group needs to finish a phase.

For that reason, you find suggestions for pressing your axe skills in different estimated phase lengths here.


  • Stack Might: Use both charges of .

  • If there is a defiance bar present immediately at the start of the fight, start on your Mace set - otherwise swap to it when necessary.

  • With you can deal 690 defiance bar damage with:

    • , you can precast it and cancel the aftercast animation.

    • with for a total of 390 CC.

Skill usage

Ultra short phases (3 seconds):

  • , and .

or depending on the phase length:

  • , and .

  • , and .

Short phases (6 seconds):

  • , and .

  • , and .

  • and .

  • , and .

Longer phases (>10 seconds):

  • , and .

  • , and .

  • and .

  • , and .

  • , and .

Golem Rotation

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Banner Berserker - GW2 | Discretize [dT] (2024)


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