10 Best Open Source Deepfake Software (2024)

Anyone with access to the internet can create real-looking fake videos. Does that sound scary? These realistic, fake-looking videos make it tough to differentiate between the original and the unreal. This technology that creates such videos or photos is known as deepfakes.

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There are various deepfake software in the market, and a lot of businesses are using them to create realistic illusions that positively impact their businesses.

A deepfake is a video or image maneuvered with AI to trick you into believing something that is not real. It swaps a person’s face and matches it to their facial movements and expressions in existing videos. If the user provides enough data, the deepfake software can make them look realistic.

To help you get started with creating deepfakes, we have created a list of some of the best open-source deepfake software. Opting for any of them will not require you to spend on buying high-end computers and powerful graphic cards.

Best Open Source Deepfake Software

All these open source deepfake software are listed for educational and personal use only or for legal commercial use. Using deepfakes to deceive or hurt other people’s sentiments can get you into trouble; thus, use them appropriately.

Listed below are some of the software you can use to create deepfake videos.

1. HeyEditor

10 Best Open Source Deepfake Software (2)

HeyEditor is a cutting-edge deepfake video and photo editor tool that lets you create fun photos and videos. Today, multiple people are using this cool software to unleash their creativity. The best part is that there are no watermarks when you edit anything using HeyEditor. Moreover, it offers Photo Faceswap, Photo Enhancer, and Photo-to-Anime features to edit photos smoothly.

On the other hand, its online AI video editor tool allows you to easily swap the faces of people in videos with consent. It is advised to do all the edits responsibly and ethically to avoid any consequences in the future.


  • Offers 10-minute-long video swap.
  • Online AI photo editor tool let you face-swap, enhance, and give an anime touch to the photos.
  • Easy-to-use interface to let users be creative without getting stuck



Affordable pricing

No free trial plans are available

Online support is provided


Its monthly plan starts from $19.99

Link: HeyEditor_Best AI Video and Photo Editor Tool

2. DeepArt.io

10 Best Open Source Deepfake Software (3)

DeepArt is one of the best open-source deepfake software programs that changes ordinary images into wonderful works of art. Because of this unique feature, it has gained a lot of popularity among photographers and artists.

Its combination of art and AI opens up doors for creative possibilities, making it ideal for people who want to add an artistic touch to their pictures.


  • Uses deep learning algorithms and convolutional neural networks
  • Allows users to create custom artwork
  • User-friendly interface for all skill levels



No coding knowledge is required to use this software

Limited customization


High processing time


The free version is available. The premium plan starts at $6.66 a month.

3) Avatarify
10 Best Open Source Deepfake Software (4)

Avatarify is a powerful deepfake video call app that brings deepfake technology and facial animation to the tips of the users. It animates photos using advanced neural networks, enabling users to apply various facial activities like talking, singing, laughing, etc., to the photos.


  • Offers a wide range of filters and songs
  • Allows users to do character animation
  • It animates images in real time



You can use different memes for deepfake effects

In the free version, the downloaded images are watermarked

It is available for both Android and iOS.

You might need to upload numerous selfies with different angles and expressions


They offer a free trial, and the premium version offers different plans.

4) Deepfakes Web
10 Best Open Source Deepfake Software (5)

Deepfakes Web is an online software that works in the cloud. It is a user-friendly platform that allows you to upload a video simply by clicking a button, and the rest will be taken care of by the app.

The unique thing about this software is that it uses deep learning to understand the complexities of face data. It means that you might have to wait for 3 to 4 hours to get the output in the free version, whereas in the premium version, it takes an hour.


  • Its reuse model feature enables users to improve the quality of the output
  • Users can make custom deepfake requests
  • Provides the option to fine-tune the quality of deepfake videos



Every deepfake video comes with a watermark stating the video is fake

Relatively slow

Caters to the needs of both beginners and professionals

You will have to opt for the paid version to use advanced features


A free version is available. The premium version starts at $4 an hour. Other plans include-

  • Basic Deepfake (10,000 Iterations) – $20
  • High-Quality Deepfake (50,000 Iterations) – $80

5) DeepSwap.ai

10 Best Open Source Deepfake Software (6)

DeepSwap.ai is one of the best open source deepfake software, which allows you to swap the faces in the images/videos, make new characters, and let them speak. It can alter up to six faces in a single clip and can also transfer faces between media using advanced algorithms.

This software is perfect for creating funny memes or GIFs that you can share with friends on social media platforms.


  • It provides an option for real-time face-swapping
  • Offers extensive face library
  • It also comes with a free AI background remover



User-friendly interface

Customer service is below average

High-resolution outputs

Specific limitations on file size and supported formats


Its monthly plan starts at $9.99/ month.

6) Reface

10 Best Open Source Deepfake Software (7)

Reface is one of the oldest deepfake apps, which enables users to swap faces in videos or GIFs with those of celebrities and fictional characters. This platform provides an excellent way to make funny content, especially if you and your friends want to see how you will look like other people. This software has got global recognition, with over 200 million downloads worldwide.


  • The platform allows users to experiment with hair color and hairstyle and even change gender
  • It comes with various music video clips, movie clips, and celebrity videos that you can use to swap faces
  • Users can use its search function to browse trending searches or GIFs



New videos and GIFs are posted every day

Sometimes, the app crashes for no reason

Ability to upload and customize your videos

Output will not be good if there are a lot of facial movements


There is a free version available for the users.

7) FaceApp

10 Best Open Source Deepfake Software (8)

FaceApp has become one of the most popular deepfake software due to its user-friendly interface and advanced features it offers. This tool is best for people who want to transform their normal photos into professional-looking shots. It offers numerous filters, backgrounds, and tools, enabling you to transform your photos in just one tap.


  • It provides an option to change hairstyle, add smiles, and do various other facial transformations
  • Allows you to swap genders in the photos
  • Users can also visually age or de-age a person’s appearance in photos



Offers fascinating tools such as color filters and lens blur

Cyber security concerns

Features more than 60 advanced filters

They do not explicitly tell the users that photos are being sent to the cloud


Its monthly price starts at $10

8) FaceSwap

10 Best Open Source Deepfake Software (9)

FaceSwap is a leading open-source deepfake software that uses TensorFLow.

, Keras, and Python power. It

runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Users prefer this platform because it offers a wide range of applications, enhanced online support, and well-documented guidance, which a lot of other software providers don’t offer.

Additionally, this platform facilitates every part of the deepfake process, starting from importing the original video to creating the final deepfake video.


  • Users can easily remove backgrounds from any image or video
  • Offers a variety of compositions and GIFs to choose from
  • It has an active community supporting and developing the software



It auto-saves the training model so that you can stop at any time

It might not work well with low-quality images/videos

You can turn one video or image into unlimited new content.

Video length is capped at 30 seconds


FaceSwap is free to use.

9) Wombo

10 Best Open Source Deepfake Software (10)

Wombo is one of the best AI lip-sync deepfake apps that makes any video funny. This feature has made this app famous among many users. Another added advantage is that it is very user-friendly. It also offers numerous customization feeds, which you can unlock within a few clicks.


  • It enables users to animate photos with a variety of songs
  • Wide range of art styles to choose from
  • AI-powered art generation



Allows users to generate infinite versions with just 1 photo

It might not capture the right emotions and expressions

You can generate wonderful visuals for marketing campaigns

It shows downloading restrictions for your artwork


The free version is available, and the premium plan starts at $4.99 a month.

10) DeepFace Lab

10 Best Open Source Deepfake Software (11)

DeepFace Lab is one of the top-rated software for face-swapping. It is a Windows program that is primarily created for researchers and students of computer vision. This software uses machine learning and human image synthesis to replace faces in the videos.

The best part about this platform is that it has a user-friendly interface, which means both beginners and experienced professionals can use this software.


  • It is available for Linux and Windows
  • Allows users to manipulate even the lip movements for speech synchronization
  • Enables users to de-age the face



Flexible enough for customizations

Voice replacement is not included

Easy-to-use pipeline

You will need a powerful PC with a dedicated high-end GPU to use this software


It is free to use.

How to Safely Use Open Source Deepfake Technology?

The primary thing you need to check before using any deepfake software is its privacy policy. Ensure that the website adheres to strict terms & conditions, and your data is handled securely and ethically. You can visit their official page to learn more about their privacy policy.

Bottom Line

A lot of businesses are using deepfake software as it helps reduce their production cost. Now, they do not have to pay actors to create shooting scenes or hire videographers, as they can now generate high-quality content using this software.

The choice of platform will depend on your preferences & requirements; therefore, analyze every tool to determine if it suits your needs.


1. Is it easy to make a Deepfake?

Making deepfakes is easy, but creating a deepfake that is hard to detect is not easy.

2. Is it safe to use deepfake app?

Yes, using these apps is safe.

3. Can software detect deepfakes?

There are a few software that indicate whether the media has been manipulated or is original.




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10 Best Open Source Deepfake Software (2024)


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